Darkness (HBU) off of NehruvianDOOM (MF DOOM & BISHOP NEHRU).

Roland’s calling on the people… & The Emperor, just watch it all unfold.


Directed by: Markel Scott 
DP: Elliot Simpson / @postelliot
Edited by: Charlie Summers (@thatsummerlife) / Markel Scott
Song Produced by: MF DOOM

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Bukez Finezt - Under Control


Our mix from the Going Quantum Podcast.


• Track List
Millions Like Us - Luminary [Inspected]
Noisia - Diplodocus (Dosage Bootleg) [FREE]
Caski - Rare Groove *EXCLUSIVE*
Thinnen - I Guess So [Independent]
Justin Jay - Static [Dirtybird]
Soul Circuit - S.M.O.K.E.F.U.N.K.S.M.A.C.K [Apexape]
My Nu Leng - Masterplan (feat. Fox) [Black Butter]
Millions Like Us - Poltergeist [Inspected]
Lamont - Far Away *EXCLUSIVE*
Joe Ford & Asa - Real Talk [Inspected]
Jack Beats - Beatbox [Owsla]
Branchez - Shake [FREE]
Redlight - Talk To The Drum *EXCLUSIVE*
Millions Like Us - Flip [FREE]
Millions Like Us - Time’s Up (feat. Redders) [Inspected]
Moody Good - Ziambey (feat. Big Narstie) *EXCLUSIVE*
MUST DIE! - Lazy (LAXX Remix) [Never Say Die]
Tessela - Hackney Parrot (Special Request VIP) [Houndstooth]
Millions Like Us - Aurora [Inspected]

My Nu Leng - Masterplan (Ft. Fox) (Official Video)

We’re really excited about the imminent release of our album “Hollow World” on Firepower Records on June 10th! To celebrate we have put together this mix which features tracks from the album, as well as a snapshot of some of the other music which we play in our sets.

Pre-order “Hollow World” on iTunes:

Mix Tracklist:

Truth ft Flowdan – Madman
Truth – Come With Me
Kendrick Lamar – Backseat Freestyle (Truth Remix)
Truth & Stylust Beats – Chicks & Drugs
Commodo – F_ck Mountain
Proxima – Trapped
Truth ft Joker, Taso & Lelijveld – Evil Eye
Turner – The Judge
Sleeper ft Jamakabi – Civil War
TMSV – Elegy
Truth ft TaLabun – Them
Truth – The Only Ones
Benga & Coki – Night
Truth ft Lelijveld – Recollections
Dubamine – Junglist
Truth ft Taso – Goodbye
Excision & Far Too Loud – Annhilate (Datsik Remix)
Truth – Devil’s Hands (VIP)
Trace – Sonar
Truth – Babylon London (J:Kenzo Dread Remix)
Joker – B.I.G.
Alix Perez – Sludge
Truth – Withered
Truth – The Fact
Shy FX ft UK Apache – Original Nuttah
J:Kenzo – Invaderz (Truth Remix)
Truth – Questions
Truth ft Ill Chill & Lelijveld – Broken
Wheelton – Function
Truth ft Bijou – Hollow World
Gantz – Pseudooo
Truth – Skin Flick
Truth – London

Hollow World - Press Release:


“We titled this album “Hollow World” to reflect the concept that our lives are full of illusion. The world as we know it has been constructed of facades by those in power. The “hollow” concept relates to a world, a life, that has no real meaning to it. The question is, what is behind this hollow exterior? The Truth is out there….”

Legendary duo Truth, exhibit their full musical versatility and mastery on their delicious new 14-track album, ”Hollow World”, available June 10th on Firepower Records. The infamous New Zealanders Andre Fernandez and Tristan Roake, aka Truth, have been championed as leaders in the scene years ago, with their one of a kind production and DJ sets which have massed them worldwide praise throughout the process. Now, again revealing their hard work and overwhelming creativity, they have forged a top notch album that fires from smooth dark deep house to malevolent bass-bin flexing dubstep, all sinister enough to make even fairy-tales feel like your darkest dreams. Their earth shattering creation truly shows us that light does not necessarily triumph evil, although they have plenty of both sounds on this amazing collection of their musical art.

“The album is a story—it has a cinematic feel. Our aim was to create a suspended reality, so the listeners felt like they were in another world, or even dimension. The music grabs you and drags you into the strange, murky depths of the world of Truth. “
“Hollow World”, the title track, is packed with vibes, and enough emotional intensity and angst to leave you feeling like a maniac, free falling without a parachute. From there, we land on ”Madman”, featuring vocals from the notorious UK rapper Flowdan, who reveals to us why he’s a king, as he drops murder on the track like a calculated psycho with his finger on the trigger. 

“Working with people like Flowdan has been a long time coming. It was 9 or 10 months ago at Outlook festival when we first connected and came up with the idea of collaborating, and finally here it is! We couldn’t be more stoked with the result. Linking up with Joker was a happy coincidence, both members of Truth on tour and in San Francisco when Joker rolled through town and ended up crashing at our mate Taso’s pad. Naturally we got in the studio and just smashed the track out.”

“Evil Eye” was the incredible result. Truth and Joker to add some of that purple flavour that we have all come to love and respect.  Tracks like ”London” and ”Skin Flick” drop four to the floor, and truly exhibit Truth’s versatility with their own dark hybrid take on deep house.

“We’ve put everything that is Truth into this album, and it feels great! To us, this is our best release to date. The whole point was to carry the aesthetic of what we do into one cohesive whole, which is why we decided to break out from just doing stuff around 140bpm. It’s more than any genre, there’s a Truth sound, which we are pushing.”

 It’s clear that, no matter who’s tuning in, the album ”Hollow World” is guaranteed to strike true. Truth’s amazing musicianship and quality production capabilities are put on full display, and will take your ears on an aural roller coaster through the amazing deep depths of low frequency euphoria. Be honest with yourself and recognize the Truth.”

Listen to a preview of “Hollow World” from Truth here:


The complete track listing for “Hollow World” from Truth is as follows:
1. Come With Me
2. Madman (feat. Flowdan)
3. Recollections (feat. Lelijveld)
4. The Only Ones
5. Evil Eye (feat. Joker, Taso & Lelijveld)
6. The Fact
7. Skin Flick
8. Them (feat. TaLabun)
9. Nervous (feat. Bijou)
10. Goodbye (feat. Taso)
11. Broken (feat. Ill Chill & Lelijveld)
12. London
13. Withered
14. Hollow World (feat. Bijou)

For more information on Firepower Records see below:

For more information on Truth see below:

Never Say Die x UKF Presents: Megalodon (Exclusive Promo Mix)

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